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Mould and tool making

Precision in toolmaking is decisive for the quality of your products. Our experienced mould making team manufactures your tools professionally and functionally in sizes up to 1.000 x 800 mm and 2,5 t. In mould and tool making, we work with high-quality milling machines, wire and die-sinking EDM machines as well as modern CNC-controlled grinding machines. All production steps, including assembly and maintenance, are carried out exclusively in-house at KON-FORM.


  • Injection moulds
  • Multi component moulds (Rotary plate, Index plate, Core-Back, Transfer technology)
  • Insert moulding
  • Stack moulds
  • Gas injection moulding (GIM)
  • Foil back injection (FBI)
  • Injection-compressing moulds
  • Thermoset moulds
  • Spindle technics
  • Die casting tools (Zn, Al, Mg)
  • Prototype and small series tools
  • Deburring tools
  • Test gauges, handling, …